AccuAir eLevel 4 Corner ELS w/ Touchpad

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This kit monitors and maintains all 4 corners of the vehicle independently, compensating for changing loads all the while. There are 3 pre programmable ride heights and a 4th "all the way down" height. This kit works equally well on lifted, lowered and heavily loaded vehicles equipped with adjustable air suspension. The control pad gives you endless manual "on the fly" controls and active diagnostic feed back in addition to the presets. This kit is the best of both worlds, old school user controls and the cutting edge automated controls!


(1) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) 
(1) TouchPad TM Interface 
(4) Ride Height Sensors w/ Linkage 
(1) 4-Corner Height Sensor Harness (20/20/16/16 ft) 
(1) 4-Corner Solenoid Valve Harness (1 ft Pigtail) 
(1) Main Power Harness w/ Built-in Fuses 
(1) 0-200 psi Tank Pressure Sensor 
(1) Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware 
(1) Installation & Operation Manuals 

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