1962-1963 Chevy/GMC LS Swap

1962-1963 Chevy/GMC LS Swap

My fellow C10 friend! I hope that you are doing well!

Are you building a 1963 C10, and are not sure if you can actually use our swap kits or headers to get the job done? Here is some great information to assist you with these questions.

In the image above, you can see the measurements for the 60-62 Chevy/GMC Truck. If your dimensions follow what you see in that image, then you have a 60-62 Chevy frame, and our mount kits will not work for your current build. Headers and exhaust should be fine, as they are wider than 63-72.

If your frame measurements are consistent with what you see in the image below, then you are perfectly fine using the 64-72 LS Swap kits and headers that we provide, which can be found here.

Hopefully this clears up any questions that you may have - if you do have more questions, please email us at, and provide your question.

Mar 11th 2019 Leon Millette

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