Electronic Ignition Control GM LSx Carb | 6LS

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The 6LS and 6LS-2 Ignition Controllers can now be installed on EFI or carburetor equipped engines. While it may seem blasphemous to some, putting a carburetor on a GM Gen-III V-8 is a great option for those wanting the advantages of the aluminum small block without the headaches of wiring a modern EFI system. The controllers allow you to map a timing advance curve with MSD’s easy-to-use Pro-Data+ software. Other programmable features include a two-step rev limiter, a vacuum advance curve for cruising economy and even a step retard in case you want to add a little nitrous to the mix.

The 6LS is designed for LS1/LS6 type engines with a 24-tooth wheel, which can be identified by its black crank sensor connector.

The 6LS-2 is designed specifically for the LS2/LS7 and its 58-tooth wheel, which can be easily recognized by its gray crank sensor connector. Both of these compact ignition controllers fit with matching factory connectors for a direct installation.

Only a handful of connections are required; the coils, crank sensor, MAP sensor and the cam sensor. You’ll have your carb’ed LSX running in no time!


Note: Solid core spark plug wires or non-resistor spark plugs cannot be used with an MSD Ignition Control.


The PN 6010 Ignition Controller is designed for GM Gen III engines that have been retro-fit with an intake manifold and carburetor. The Controller can also be used in stock, EFI applications, by using accessory Harness PN 8886. The factory coils or MSD Coil, PN 8245, must be used. The Controller is supplied with a wiring harness that connects to the factory connectors for a simple installation. A shorter harness designed for mounting the unit on the intake manifold is available as PN 60101. EFI This Controller can also be used in stock, EFI applications, by using accessory Harness PN 8886. This Harness allows the PN 6010 Controller to tap into the sensor signals without interrupting the OEM ECU. The ECU and coils operate as normal while the PN 6010 controls the timing and rpm.


The MSD Controller offers several programmable features that allow rpm and timing adjustments. This can be achieved through the supplied Pro-Data+ software via a PC or with the optional Hand Held Programmer, PN 7550. Timing adjustments and selections can also be made with plug-in modules. Software installation, operation and the programmable features of the Controller are explained in detail in this document. More information can be found in the Pro-Data+ Software Help section.


The Controller is designed to be mounted under the hood or on the firewall. Do not mount the unit near exhaust, upside down or seal the base as that leaves no way for any moisture to escape the unit. Four vibration mounts are supplied to mount the unit. Find a suitable location, confirm that all of the wires reach their connections. Mark the mounting hole locations using the unit. Drill the holes with a 3/16" bit. WIRING All of the wiring, except four wires, are routed into factory style connectors to ensure an easy installation. The wire descriptions follow in the chart on pages 2 and 3.

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