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1968-1972 A-Body Kit

1968-1972 A-Body LS Conversion Kits

This swap kit is for the 1968-1972 Chevelle, Le Mans, GTO, Tempest, Cutlass, Skylark, and GS. It was designed around our LH8 and oil pan kits. The frame brackets bolt into existing holes in the frame so you know the engine will have clearance for accessory drives, factory AC box, power brake booster, and aftermarket suspension components. Unlike others, our kit positions the engine so there is no steering interference and maintains the proper drive-line angle for smooth highway cruising. We offer a complete line of Muscle Rods headers that give unparalleled performance and ground clearance with sizes that are matched to your engine combo. These combined parts offer an easy, strong, and clean installation of your LS engine. El Caminos use the convertible part numbers since they had the same boxed frame.