LS Forged Piston Rings

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Do it right with these Pro LS forged piston rings. These replacement ring sets serve a variety of important roles, including sealing the combustion chamber, improving heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall, and regulating engine oil consumption.

  • Bore (in): 3.780 in.                                                            
  • Bore (mm): 96.012mm                                                            
  • File Fit: Yes                                                            
  • Gapless: No                                                            
  • Top Ring Included: Yes                                                            
  • Top Ring Thickness: 1.5mm                                                            
  • Top Ring Material: Steel                                                            
  • Top Ring Facing Material: Plasma-moly                                                            
  • Second Ring Included: Yes                                                            
  • Second Ring Thickness: 1.5mm                                                            
  • Second Ring Material: Ductile iron            
  • Second Ring Facing Material: Ductile iron                                                            
  • Oil Ring Included: Yes                                                            
  • Oil Ring Thickness: 3.0mm                                                            
  • Oil Ring Tension: Standard                                                            
  • Oil Ring Tension Rating: 13 lb.                                                            
  • Oil Ring Material: Stainless steel                                                            
  • Quantity: Sold as a set.                                                            
  • Notes: Max. radials are 0.152 in. top, 0.169 second.
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