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LTx Swap Kits

In 2014 GM introduced the Gen 5 LT-series engines - representing a major redesign of the Gen 3 and 4 LS-series. With high-tech features like direct fuel injection the LT-series is setting new standards in power and efficiency. 

The kits include new mounts and frame brackets that replace the originals, which means your LT engine will bolt in place no matter what type of engine was originally installed in the vehicle. Extensive R&D went into the engine placement resulting in great fit of all other components. Each kit includes a trans crossmember that maintains the proper drive-line angle and we support all late-model transmissions.

The engine position provides clearance for the factory AC box, power brake booster, steering linkage and aftermarket suspension components. There is simply no other conversion kit on the market that offers such an easy, strong, and clean installation of your LT engine.