History shows most drivers install performance lowering springs to enhance the look of their vehicle. Fitting a vehicle with larger wheels and lower profile tires can create a visual illusion that makes a vehicle with stock suspension appear lifted because of the gap seen in the fender well between the top of the tire and the vehicle’s bodywork. While the overall diameter of the lower profile tires doesn’t change significantly from the OE tires (when properly plus-sized tires and wheels are installed), the illusion occurs when the tire’s sidewall height is equal to or shorter than the visible gap between the edge of the fender and the top of the tire. The illusion is eliminated by reducing or eliminating the gap seen in the fender well.

But there is also another side to lowering your vehicle – function. Along with the visual improvement a reduction in ride height offers comes an enhancement in vehicle performance. Performance lowering springs reduce the vehicle’s center of gravity, aiding stability. Lowering springs use increased spring rates engineered to cope with the reduction in travel, while still preventing bottoming of the suspension under most conditions found during normal driving. The increased spring rates help control side-to-side body roll during cornering, as well as the pitch and nosedive experienced during spirited acceleration and braking.

A vehicle’s suspension is comprised of many parts engineered to work together – including springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. Added flexibility can be afforded by using performance coilovers or airbag suspension. Believe it or not, air bag suspension has come a long way from yesteryear's old technology. Many autocrossers use airbag setups on their track cars. The beauty of this flexibility is added comfort, on-the-fly adjustability, and the uber-cool factor of being able to set your ride height dependent on your mood....or speed bumps and driveways. Whatever way you choose, you cannot deny that altitude adjustment is a must  for your vehicle - whether that is going up or down - we have what you need to get you there!